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My name is Graham McCormack, and I am an SEO Specialist / Consultant offering my services to Southport based businesses.

Whether you are targeting local Southport customers, providing services or products on a national scale, or operating an eCommerce platform, my team and I are equipped to assist with your SEO needs.

Need to migrate a website? Recovering from a website hack? Or perhaps an audit to ascertain the current state of your SEO? Or maybe you just want somebody to take over your entire SEO operation. 

If you have a website rather than a web presence, my team and I are are here to help.

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Southport SEO Services

Technical SEO

Your website creator is not an SEO expert, regardless of their claims. As a technical SEO professional, my abilities are akin to those of a developer, but with a focus on optimising code for search engine visibility.

Optimising the technical SEO aspects of your site is crucial for establishing a web presence.

This process includes enhancing site speed, ensuring mobile compatibility, refining URL structure, optimising image alt descriptions, creating sitemaps, implementing schema markup, reinforcing security measures, and improving server response times, among others.

By solidifying your technical SEO foundation, you pave the way for future projects to thrive, boosting the effectiveness of additional optimisation efforts.

Keyword Research

Many people mistakenly continue to focus on achieving a top ranking for a single keyword in Google.

If you're among those individuals, it's important to understand that, with Google's updates like Rankbrain and BERT, as well as personalised search results, the emphasis has shifted from keywords to topics.

While pages still target a primary keyword, this essentially defines the core topic. Pages are now ranked for dozens or even hundreds of keyword variations, with about 80% being long-tail keywords that rarely repeat. The remaining 20% consist of keywords targeted by Pay Per Click campaigns, highlighting the increased value of SEO.

Search results are now personalized based on factors such as device, location, and search history. This personalization represents the modern approach to "keyword research."

On-Page Optimisation

Technical SEO provides a solid foundation for your website, yet it's the content on your pages that truly carries the burden of ranking and conversion.

While many focus on Google search for SEO strategies, this perspective may shift over time. Nevertheless, search outcomes will always prioritize content that is most beneficial to the end user.

Traditional SEO involves optimizing your meta titles, descriptions, header tags, images, internal links, outbound links, schema markup, page load speed, and much more. However, the current emphasis is on pages that offer the most helpful content.

Such effectiveness is evaluated through various metrics, with relevancy being a key factor.

Link Building

Your web developer is likely NOT an SEO expert. Having worked with hundreds of them I can say this is, on the whole, likely true.

As a technical SEO specialist, I possess skills akin to those of a developer, but I focus on optimising code for search engines and not just the aesthetics for people. Establishing a strong technical SEO foundation gives your shiny new website the ability to transform into a web presence.
This process includes enhancing aspects such as site speed, mobile responsiveness, URL configuration, image alt tags, sitemaps, schema markup, security measures, server response times, and more. A solid technical SEO framework sets the stage for future projects to succeed and boosts the effectiveness of additional optimisation efforts.

New Content Creation

The content on your web pages is crucial for your SEO success.

If you're familiar with SEO, then you're likely aware of the longstanding excitement around concepts such as silo structuring, NLP (Natural Language Processing), semantics, SurferSEO, and the pivotal role of AI in shaping the future of SEO.

Having been involved in SEO since its inception, I've observed that despite the allure of new technologies and strategies, high-quality content consistently emerges as the top factor for success. It always has, and it always will.

Websites that provide more useful, better-structured content and comprehensive coverage of a topic, enabling users to find answers to their questions, are well on their way to fulfilling Google's criteria by meeting user intent.

Partner Services

Interested in partnering with a local SEO consultancy?

My team and I have been collaborating with local agencies for years.

Our approach is tailored to your needs. Primarily, I consider myself an SEO analyst with a specialisation in technical SEO.

Whether you require an audit, investigation, strategy development, or wish to provide your clients with SEO services through my team, I’m open to discussing how we can work together.

I believe in transparency and honesty. Based on my experience, informing your client that you're collaborating with a local SEO consultant has always proven effective. We're not an impersonal agency; we're

Local SEO Services Southport

Local Southport SEO is crucial if your business primarily serves the people of Southport.

Today, many people use their smartphones to search for local services, resulting in search results tailored to their specific location and device. So a search from Birkdale, for example, is not the same as searching from Crossens.

A local SEO campaign requires unique strategies that differ from those used for national or eCommerce websites. These strategies include enhancing your Google Business Profile, designing targeted landing pages for your locations, accruing reviews and citations, crafting content with a local focus, and incorporating geo-specific keywords.

Should your business encompass elements of local, national, or eCommerce operations, rest assured—we’re fully equipped to support all your needs.

National SEO Services

A business targeting a nationwide audience faces different challenges compared to local SEO.

It’s crucial not only to focus on prominent “head” keywords, which are naturally appealing for ranking purposes, but also to consider the remaining 97% of search terms used by your potential customers.

National SEO leans more towards thematic relevance. For instance, targeting a specific term like “speeding solicitor” might bring in a few enquiries each month due to its broad user intent. However, expanding your scope to include long-tail queries such as “court summons for doing 100 in a 30 zone,” among thousands of others with clear search intent, could significantly increase your lead count each month. By targeting these, you not only aim for your main keyword but also capture a wider business spectrum en route to the top.

This approach is based on real-world experiences, repeated successfully on numerous occasions. You can trust in our comprehensive support.

Southport Ecommerce SEO

I thoroughly enjoy collaborating with eCommerce websites, having generated millions in revenue for my clients over the years through dedicated eCommerce SEO strategies.

While eCommerce SEO shares similarities with national SEO strategies, achieving success becomes significantly more feasible when your pages match the helpfulness of major retailers. At this juncture, the focus shifts predominantly to technical SEO, content optimisation, and link building.

To speak frankly, prioritising link and authority building should form the core of your eCommerce campaign, complemented by seizing content opportunities with a commercial aim.

Every campaign requires a tailored approach, as different industries and target audiences have unique needs that must be addressed to effectively boost your results. It’s a numbers game, and one at which I excel. Feel free to reach out.

Technical & Digital Support

I possess a broad spectrum of technical and digital capabilities, ready to assist with any aspect of your business needing support.

This includes website migration, SEO audits, email assistance, AI prompt solutions, and beyond.

Whatever your requirements are to ensure your website and business progress, let’s discuss how I can help.

You’ve searched for SEO Southport For A Reason
How Can I Help?

Despite being based in Southport, our reach knows no geographical bounds, and we are well-equipped to assist businesses anywhere.

Throughout our tenure in digital marketing, we’ve catalysed revenue growth for a diverse array of businesses and websites across the globe, with tangible results to showcase.

My journey with SEO started around 2008, though my engagement with the internet dates back to 1994. While my forte is organic Search Engine Optimisation, my background includes a stint in IT, encompassing 7 years in the RAF within telecomms and IT roles.

Proudly a digital geek, I am passionate about all things digital.

No matter your needs – be it website fixes, audits, hosting migrations, CMS transitions, rectifying hacks, addressing ranking issues, devising SEO strategies, or providing comprehensive monthly SEO services – we’re at your beck and call.

Curious about what a tailored SEO service from Southport might look like? Here’s a glimpse:

Clients seek our expertise for numerous reasons, including recovery from Google penalties, enhancing rankings in competitive sectors, eCommerce SEO like product page optimisation and site speed improvement, local SEO services including GMB listing management and review generation, as well as conducting technical audits and managing site migrations.

This overview only scratches the surface. We tailor our solutions to each unique business’s needs, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch for services not explicitly mentioned here!


The digital agency landscape is more crowded than ever, with the barrier to entry being virtually nonexistent.

What sets my service apart from an agency is my genuine passion for SEO and my commitment to your success.

I’m not here to scale my business; I’m here to make a difference. Reach out, and I’ll demonstrate exactly that.


I possess a broad array of digital and technical expertise, with a particular zeal for data analytics and strategic planning.

My knowledge extends deeply into web systems, coding, and the mechanics of search algorithms.

Should your website be facing challenges, contact me. I can often pinpoint the issue and discuss how we can resolve it collaboratively.


SEO for small businesses might seem straightforward – that is, until your strategy hits a snag or your focus needs to pivot back to core business operations.

With Google’s algorithms evolving hundreds of times annually, and the advent of AI complicating the landscape further, it can quickly become overwhelming. Yet, this is the world I thrive in and thoroughly enjoy.

This is where my team and I can step in to assist. 


PPC is effective for toggling specific keywords on and off, yet web pages aren’t limited to ranking for just one keyword—they can rank for dozens, even hundreds.

Consider the costs if you were to bid on all these keywords through a Google Ads campaign. The necessity to target a wide array would mean broad match settings could rapidly deplete your budget.

SEO is a long-term endeavor; it’s more akin to a marathon than a sprint. With patience and understanding of its gradual process, SEO has the potential to supplant your PPC expenses over time.


I enjoy collaborating with freelancers and agencies.

If you’re a Southport-based digital agency or a local web designer, let’s get together for a coffee and a chat.

We can meet at a location of your choosing.

I’m also open to partnerships and Joint Ventures with the right individuals.


SEO evolves significantly over time.

Had you inquired about it a year ago, I would have recommended a content-driven strategy for your SEO campaign.

Now, in 2024, with AI playing a dominant role in search, the strategy should shift towards targeting commercial keywords, moving away from a heavy emphasis on informational content. This is because search engines are now capable of directly providing answers to informational queries through the search engine results page (SERP) themselves.

Are we compatible?
Can we work together?

The business relationship we share is of great importance to me, and I hope it holds the same value for you.

Trust Is Crucial

I take pride in the fact that my company has expanded primarily through word-of-mouth endorsements. If you’re seeking an open, honest SEO specialist for your Southport business, I’m eager to offer a dependable and transparent solution.

You Need More Than Just SEO; You Need Technical Guidance

My SEO journey began in 2008, following an 18-year tenure in IT Support, which included 7 years in the RAF. My clients approach me with a wide range of technical issues, from non-functioning computers, email outages, hosting dilemmas, SSL installations, website upkeep, to seasonal website customisations like making it snow at Christmas, and adding new files for user access. Rest assured, if there’s a way I can assist, I certainly will.

You’ve Managed Your Own SEO & Now Seek Assistance

Many of my Southport clients initially took on the SEO challenge themselves, driven by a strong interest in optimising their websites. They’ve done an admirable job, to the point where they now need to redirect their focus back to their core business operations.

Handing over your project can be intimidating, but I understand the sentiment completely. To alleviate any concerns, I typically ensure your website is backed up before we begin any work. Our SEO interventions are designed to be reversible, within reason, and we often utilise a staging site for testing before implementing changes live.

The authority to publish new content can remain with you, preserving the integrity of your brand. You’ll be kept in the loop about the backlinks we create and more. Our priorities are transparency, security, and advancement. You’re in capable hands.

You Have a Question

Should you have any inquiries, feel free to use the form. I’m here to demystify SEO jargon in clear, understandable terms.

Graham | SEO

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