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SEO Chester - Graham McCormack

My name is Graham McCormack and I am an SEO Specialist / Consultant working with website owners in Chester.

Whether your company serves the Chester area or provides products and services on a national scale, including eCommerce, we can assist with your SEO needs.

Do you need assistance with a website migration, dealing with a hacked website, or conducting an audit to assess the current status of your SEO?

If your website isn’t performing as well as you’d hoped, my team and I are here to help..

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Chester SEO Services

Technical SEO

Your website developer is not an SEO expert, regardless of their claims. As a technical SEO specialist, I possess skills similar to a developer but with a focus on optimising code for search engines.

Establishing the technical SEO foundations transforms your website into a web presence.

This process includes enhancing elements such as site speed, mobile responsiveness, URL structure, image alt tags, sitemaps, schema markup, security protocols, server response times, and more.

Implementing strong technical SEO provides a solid base for future projects to thrive and enhances the effectiveness of other optimisation efforts.

Keyword Research

Many people mistakenly continue to focus solely on achieving a #1 ranking for a single keyword on Google.

If you're among them, it’s important to understand that due to Google's updates like Rankbrain and BERT, along with personalised search results, keywords have evolved into topics.

While pages still focus on a primary keyword, this simply defines the subject matter of the topic.

These pages can rank for dozens or even hundreds of keyword variations, with about 80% being long-tail keywords that rarely repeat. The remaining 20% consist of keywords targeted by Pay Per Click campaigns, highlighting why SEO is significantly more valuable.

Search results now vary based on device, location, search history, and more—this is the modern approach to "keyword research".

On-Page Optimisation

Technical SEO provides a solid foundation for your website, but it's actually the pages on your site that do the crucial work in terms of ranking and conversion.

While many people primarily focus on Google search for SEO, this could evolve over time. Nevertheless, search results always depend on which content is most useful to the end user.

Traditional SEO involves optimising your meta title, description, header tags, images, internal links, outbound links, schema markup, page load speed, and much more. However, the current focus is increasingly on pages that are simply more helpful than others.

This effectiveness is assessed using various metrics, with relevancy being a key factor.

Link Building

Link building is considered against Google's guidelines precisely because it is effective for SEO.

Ideally, everyone would create excellent content that naturally attracts backlinks. However, in the competitive business world, it's those who are strongest and most adaptable to change who thrive.

Your website will inevitably accumulate low-quality links; this happens to most sites. These can skew your anchor text ratio. Google may ignore certain links and not disclose when or why. There are various ways to incur a Google Penguin penalty.

Chances are, your competitors are actively building links and outperforming you. Without managing your backlink profile effectively, your website's survival is at risk.

New Content Creation

The content on your web pages is essential for SEO success.

If you're familiar with SEO, you're likely aware of the ongoing discussions about silo structuring, NLP, Semantics, SurferSEO, and the role of AI as the future of SEO.

Having been involved in SEO from its inception, I can attest that despite the allure of new technologies, quality content remains king—always has and always will.

A website that provides more useful, better structured, and comprehensive coverage of a topic, thereby addressing a user's query effectively, is exactly what Google seeks to fulfill user intent.

Partner Services

Interested in partnering with Graham SEO?

My team and I have been working with local agencies for years.

The way we work depends upon what you need. First and foremost I've always considered myself an SEO analyst with a focus upon technical SEO.

So if you need an audit, investigation, strategy or simply want to offer your clients SEO and have myself and my team fulfill it, then let's have a chat.

Honesty is always the best policy and in my experience, it's best to tell your client you are working with a local SEO consultant, it's never failed yet. We're not a faceless agency, we're local and we can meet if you like.

Local SEO Services Chester

If your business is trying to attract a local customer, then local SEO is essential for you.

Most individuals searching for local services do so using their smartphones, which means the search results are tailored based on their location and device.

Consequently, a local SEO campaign involves specific strategies that differ from those used for national or eCommerce sites. This includes optimising your Google My Business profile, creating dedicated landing pages for each location, generating reviews and citations, publishing content focused on local interests, and incorporating geo-specific keywords.

If your business operates across local, national, or eCommerce platforms, rest assured, we have the expertise to support all your SEO needs.

National SEO Services

A business with a national scope requires a different approach compared to local SEO.

It’s essential not to focus solely on big “head” keywords, which you’re undoubtedly eager to rank for, but also consider the other 97% of search queries your customers are entering.

National SEO tends to be more topic-focused. For instance, you might target a head keyword like “speeding solicitor,” where user intent can be ambiguous and may only generate a few enquiries each month. However, targeting more specific phrases such as “court summons for doing 100 in a 30 zone” can tap into thousands of longer-tailed search queries with very clear searcher intent, potentially generating hundreds of leads each month. By doing so, you’ll not only capture traffic for your head keyword but significantly increase your business as you climb the rankings.

This strategy is based on real-world success, proven time and again—rest assured, we’ve got you covered.

Chester Ecommerce SEO

I thoroughly enjoy working with eCommerce websites and have helped my clients earn millions over the years through dedicated eCommerce SEO efforts.

An eCommerce SEO strategy shares similarities with a national SEO strategy, but it’s crucial that your pages match the helpfulness of leading sellers in the market. Once that’s achieved, the strategy primarily focuses on technical SEO, content, and link building.

Let’s be clear: building links and authority should be central to your eCommerce campaign. Additionally, seize any content opportunities with commercial intent.

Every campaign is distinct, tailored to meet the specific needs of each industry and its consumers to effectively drive results. SEO is a numbers game, and I excel at it. Get in touch to learn more.

Technical & Digital Support

I possess a broad array of technical and digital skills that I can apply to assist with any aspect of your business that needs support.

Whether it’s a website migration, SEO audit, email support, AI prompt solutions, or more, I’m here to help.

If you need assistance to keep your website and business progressing, let’s have a conversation.

You’ve searched for SEO Chester For A Reason
How Can I Help?

Based just outside of Chester, the reach of my team and I extends far beyond local borders.

Throughout our years in digital marketing, we have driven millions in revenue growth for a diverse range of businesses and websites worldwide, and we have the results to demonstrate our success.

I started working in SEO around 2008 but have been involved with the internet since 1994. While my expertise is primarily in organic Search Engine Optimisation, I also have a background in IT, including 7 years in the RAF working in telecoms and IT roles.

I am a proud super digital geek.

Whatever your needs—whether it’s fixing your website, conducting audits, migrating website hosting or CMS, resolving hacks, addressing ranking issues, creating SEO strategies, or providing monthly SEO services—we are here to support you.

Curious about what an SEO Chester campaign might include? Here’s a glimpse:

Clients turn to us for various reasons, including recovery from Google penalties, boosting rankings in competitive niches, eCommerce SEO such as optimising product pages and site speed, local SEO services like managing GMB listings and generating reviews, as well as performing technical audits and facilitating smooth site migrations.

The list above is just a sample of what we offer. I tailor solutions to ensure each unique business thrives, so please get in touch if your requirements are different from those mentioned!


Today, digital agencies are as common as corner shops, and often, the entry requirements to start one are nonexistent.

My service stands apart from an agency because it is fuelled by my genuine passion for SEO and my commitment to your success.

I’m not in this industry to scale my business; I’m here to deliver results. Get in touch, and I’ll demonstrate exactly what I mean.


I bring a comprehensive range of digital and technical skills to the table, with a strong focus on data analytics and strategy development.

My deep knowledge of web systems, programming, and how search engines operate allows me to identify and address issues effectively.

If your website isn’t performing as expected, please contact me. I’m confident I can pinpoint the problem and offer solutions to improve it.


SEO for small businesses might seem straightforward—until your strategy stops working or you need to concentrate more on your business operations.

With Google updating its algorithms hundreds of times a year and the integration of AI complicating matters further, navigating SEO can become quite challenging. However, I thrive on this complexity and genuinely enjoy it.

This is where my team and I can help. Let’s have a chat.


PPC is effective for managing specific keywords quickly, turning them on and off as needed. However, web pages don’t rank for just a single keyword—they can rank for dozens, even hundreds.

Consider the cost of targeting all these keywords through a Google Ads campaign. Using broad match settings could quickly deplete your budget.

SEO, on the other hand, requires patience; it’s more of a marathon than a sprint. As long as you understand this, over time, SEO efforts can effectively reduce, or even replace, your PPC expenses.


I really enjoy collaborating with freelancers and agencies.

If you’re a digital agency or web designer based in or around the Chester areal, why not join me for a coffee and a chat? You’re welcome to visit my office in Ness, located just off Chester High Road, or we can arrange to meet at a location that suits you.

I’m also interested in exploring partnerships and joint ventures with the right collaborators.


SEO is constantly evolving!

Had you asked me a year ago, I would have recommended a content-driven approach for your SEO campaign.

Now, in 2024, with AI playing a dominant role in search, your strategy needs to shift towards targeting commercial keywords. There’s less emphasis on informational content because search engines are increasingly capable of providing those answers directly within the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Are we compatible?
Can we work together?

The business relationship we share is very important to me, and I hope it holds the same value for you.


I take pride in the fact that my company has managed to expand over the years almost purely through recommendations from satisfied clients.

If you’re seeking a straightforward and trustworthy SEO specialist for your Chester business, I’m here to offer a dependable and clear solution.


I began my SEO career in 2008, following an 18-year stint in IT Support, which included 7 years in the RAF.

My clients consult me on a wide array of technical issues—from troubleshooting computer problems, resolving email outages, addressing hosting concerns, to installing SSL certificates, maintaining websites, creating festive effects like snow on their website for Christmas, and uploading new files for user access.

Rest assured, if there’s a way I can assist, I always will.


Many of my Chester-based clients begin in this manner; they possess a strong interest in the SEO aspects of their website and have performed admirably.

In fact, they’ve done such a good job that now they need to concentrate more on running their business.

Handing over your project to someone new can be nerve-wracking—I understand. Let me reassure you that, unless instructed otherwise, I typically start by ensuring that a backup of your website is in place and that all changes my team and I make to your SEO campaign can (within reason) be reversed.

For added safety, we often perform our enhancements on a staging version of your website to test everything before going live.

You can also retain control over new content publishing, as maintaining your brand’s integrity is crucial. You will have visibility over the backlinks we create and more. Transparency, security, and progress are fundamental. You’re in safe hands.


Use the form to ask. I’ll explain SEO terminology in straightforward language.

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