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SEO Wirral - Graham McCormack

My name is Graham McCormack and I am Wirral based SEO Specialist / Consultant.

Whether your business targets a local Wirral customer or you offer nationally facing products / service, or even an eCommerce business we can help with your SEO. 

Maybe you need help with a website migration? A hacked website? An audit to find out the status of your current SEO?

If you have a website and its not performing as well as you would like, my team and I can help.

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Wirral SEO Services

Technical SEO

Your website developer is not an SEO, no matter how much they tell you they are. As a technical SEO person I have similar skills as a developer, except that I optimise code for search engines.

Laying the technical SEO foundations allows your website to become a web presence.

This involves optimising things like site speed, mobile responsiveness, URL structure, image alt tags, sitemaps, schema markup, security protocols, server response times, and more.

Having robust technical SEO in place lays the groundwork for future initiatives to flourish and enables other optimisation efforts to be more successful.

Keyword Research

Most people get this wrong and still think in terms of a single keyword at #1 in Google.

Sorry if you are one of those people but thanks to Google updates such as Rankbrain and BERT and personalised results, keywords are now topics.

Pages still have a focus keyword but this is the what the topic is about.

Pages appear for dozens or even hundreds of variations of keywords and about 80% are long tail, never repeated again. 20% are made up of the type that Pay Per Click may go after and this is what makes SEO so much more valuable.

Search results are based upon device, location, search history and more. This is the new "keyword research".

On-Page Optimisation

Technical SEO will give your website a foundation to build upon but it is the pages on your website that actually do the heavy lifting when it comes to ranking and converting.

Most people focus upon Google search when it comes to SEO, this may change in time but search results are always based upon which content is the most helpful for the end user.

Classic SEO is about the optimisation of your meta title, description, header tags, images, internal links, outbound links, schema markup, page load speed and much more. But these days, focus really is given to pages that are simply more helpful than others.

This is measured in a number of ways using various metrics with relevancy leading the way.

Link Building

Link building is against Google guidelines because it is effective for SEO

In an ideal world we would all produce fantastic content that would naturally earn backlinks but in the real world of business it is the strongest and most adaptive to change that survive.

Your website will naturally pick up rubbish links, most do. These can over optimise your anchor text ratio. Google ignores some links and won't tell you when or why. You can pick up a Google penguin penalty in all sorts of ways.

The likelihood is that your competitors are link building and beating you. Without taking control of your backlink profile you will not survive.

New Content Creation

The content on your web pages is crucial for your SEO success.

If you know anything about SEO then you'll know there's been a real buzz for a long time about silo structuring, NLP, Semantics, SurferSEO and how AI is the way forward.

I've been doing SEO pretty much since it began and apart from the buzz around shiny things, good content wins, alway has and always will.

If a website has more helpful, better structured and coverage of a topic that an end user can use to get an answer to a query they have, then we're on the way to giving Google what it wants by satisying the user intent.

Partner Services

Interested in partnering with Graham SEO?

My team and I have been working with local agencies for years.

The way we work depends upon what you need. First and foremost I've always considered myself an SEO analyst with a focus upon technical SEO.

So if you need an audit, investigation, strategy or simply want to offer your clients SEO and have myself and my team fulfill it, then let's have a chat.

Honesty is always the best policy and in my experience, it's best to tell your client you are working with a local SEO consultant, it's never failed yet. We're not a faceless agency, we're local and we can meet if you like.

Local SEO Services Wirral

If your business targets a local customer, then local SEO is for you.

Most people looking for local services use their phone. This means that the search results will be given to them based upon their location and device. 

Therefore, there are factors that an SEO campaign of this nature needs to undertake which are somewhat different than if your website were nationally facing or eCommerce.

This includes optimising your Google My Business profile, creating targeted landing pages for your locations, generating reviews and citations, publishing locally-focused content, and using geo specific keywords. 

Of course, your business may be a hybrid of local, national or eCommerce. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

National SEO Services

A business with a national focus is different to local SEO. 

Not only will you have big “head” keywords that you will no doubt be keen to rank for but PLEASE don’t ignore the other 97% of search queries your customers are typing in too. 

National SEO is more topically focused, for example, you could target a head keyword such as “speeding solicitor”, the user intent is somewhat ambigous here but it might net you a handful of enquiries per month. But why not additionally go for “court summons for doing 100 in a 30 zone” and the thousands of other longer tailed search queries where the searcher intent is absolutely clear and pick up hundreds of leads per month instead. You’ll still get your head keyword but net a lot more business on the way to the top.

This is a real world example and I’ve done it many many many times over, trust me, I’ve got you covered.

Wirral Ecommerce SEO

I love working with eCommerce websites. I’ve literally made my clients MILLIONS over the years through eCommerce SEO. 

An eCommerce SEO Strategy has elements that are similar to a national strategy but as long as your pages are as helpful as some of the big name sellers out there, an SEO strategy then becomes predominately about technical SEO, content and link building. 

Talking straight with you, links and authority building is the way to go with the mainstay of your ecomm campaign, if there are content opportunities that have a commercial intent to them, do this too. 

Every campaign is different, each industry and end user has a different requirement in order to move the needle for you. It’s a numbers game and one I’m very good at playing. Get in touch.

Technical & Digital Support

I have a wide range of technical and digital skills that I can use to help you with any area of your business that requires supporting. 

Whether this be a website migration, SEO audit, support with emails, AI prompt solutions and more. 

Whatever you need in order to keep your website and business moving forward, let’s have a chat.

You’ve searched for SEO Wirral For A Reason
How Can I Help?

Although Wirral based, geographic boundaries won’t limit who my team and I can help.

Over our years in digital marketing, we’ve delivered millions in revenue growth for all sorts of businesses and websites globally and have the results to prove it.

I’ve been doing SEO since about 2008 but was involved with the internet since 1994. Although my specialism is organic Search Engine Optimisation, prior to this I worked in IT, include 7 years in the RAF in a telecomms and IT roll. 

I am super digital geek and proud of it. 

No matter what you need, whether that be a fix for your website, website audits, website hosting migrations, website CMS migration, hack fixes, ranking problems, SEO strategies created, Done For You monthly SEO we’ll be here for you.

Interested in seeing an overview of what an SEO Wirral campaign service can entail? Take a look below:

Clients contact us for many reasons, here are some examples – recovering from Google penalties, improving rankings in competitive niches, ecommerce SEO e.g. optimising product pages and site speed, local SEO services such as managing GMB listings and generating reviews, as well as technical audits and seamless site migrations.

Those are just a sample of what we can offer. I customise solutions suited to helping each unique business succeed, so please reach out if your needs differ from these examples!


There are more digital agencies than corner shops these days and the entry level requirements are zero. 

My service is different to an agency because it is driven by my passion for SEO and to help you succeed. 

I am not in this industry to scale my business. Get in touch and I’ll prove it to you.


I have a wide range of digital and technical skills. I am passionate about data analytics and strategy. 

I have an in-depth understanding of web systems, code and how search algorithms work. 

If your website is suffering, get in touch and I’ll likely tell you what the problem is and how it can be fixed.


SEO for small businesses isn’t too difficult – until your strategy no longer works or you really need to be focusing upon your business.

Google changes hundreds of times per year and the introducion of AI just makes the whole thing so much more complicated. But I live and breath this stuff and I love it.

This is where my team and I come in, let’s have a chat.


PPC is great for switching on and off keywords. But pages on a website don’t appear for a single keyword, they appear for dozens if not hundreds. 

Imagine paying for all of these with a Google Ads campaign? You would need to target so many that broad match would just eat away your budget like crazy. 

SEO takes time, sometimes a long time. It is a marathon and as long as you understand this, in time, SEO can replace your PPC costs.


I love working with freelancers and agencies. 

If you are a Wirral based digital agency or local web designer, let’s grab a brew and have a chat. 

You are more than welcome to come to my office in Ness just off the Chester High Road or we can meet wherever you like.

I’m also open to partnership and Joint Ventures with the right people. 


SEO changes – A LOT! 

If you would have asked me a year ago I would have been talking to you about a content driven approach for your SEO campaign. 

In 2024 and with AI now dominating search, your approach needs to be more geared toward hitting those commercial keywords with less of a focus upon informational content, purely because search engines can cover those answers directly with the SERP.

Are we compatible?
Can we work together?

The business relationship we have is important to me, hopefully it is for you too. 


I’m proud my company has grown thanks to word-of-mouth recommendations. If you need an open, honest SEO specialist for your Wirral business, I welcome the chance to provide a reliable, transparent solution.


I started doing SEO in 2008 but prior to that I had an 18 year career in IT Support, including 7 years in the RAF. My clients ask me all sorts of technical queries, from their computer isn’t working, email is down, need help sorting out hosting issues, SSL installation, website maintenance, making it snow on their website at Christmas, adding new files to the website for users, you name it if I can help you bet I will. 


A lot of my Wirral based clients start in this way, they have a keen interest in the SEO side of their website and they did a good job. In fact, they did such a good job that they now need to focus more on their actual business. 

Passing your baby to a stranger is daunting, I get it. Let me try to re-assure that (unless you ask me not to) I will usually start by ensuring there is a backup in place of your website and that everything that my team and I undertake to your SEO campaign can (within reason) be undone again. In most cases we actually carry out the work on a staging version of your website for testing purposes before making it live.

New content publishing permission can stay with you too, your brand is everything. You get to see which backlinks we built and more. Transparency, safety and progress are key. You’re in good hands.


Use the form to ask. I’ll explain SEO terminology in straightforward language.

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